Dear Yvonne,
Thank you for a fantastic time in Guca! In terms of feedback I don't have much to say apart from that it was all fantastic! Although I didn't get to meet you, Johnson was a great host, very friendly and welcoming. The campsite was great too - good toilets, showers (cold, but bearable!), phone charging, and the communal tents were a very good idea, very useful and a great place to meet new people. The only negative thing I'd have to say was that the campsite owners sent out some slightly mixed messages concerning noise and musical instrument playing - one of the people from the house was very encouraging, but half an hour later someone else told us that we couldn't play instruments at all on the site (Johnson later spoke to them though and sorted it out and said it was fine).
All in all I had an amazing week in Guca, and I'm looking forward to next year!
See you then, if not before!



Thank you for taking care of us during our time in Guca, i think many people appreciated your welcoming and warmness. 

 I personnally had a great time, if there were things to regret would be too much nationalism in the festival, my chinese friend couldn't be in peace for more than 5 minutes because of too many enthusiastic serbian who wanted to take him in photo with them, offered him a drink everytime (it wouldn't have been bad thing if they weren't so many, and if only it wasn't because he was chinese, while he's from france actually), in france we would consider this like no respect, and rudness, but we didn't take it badly while people were not mean, just two were, in making a head cut-off gesture.

 I also heard and seen photos about people in the festival with guns, and a guy who was shot in the arm showed me his injury, it was a bit chocking.

 But despite this problems, everything was really great.

 What i liked in the festival were the music and the atmosphere, so festive, everyone dancing everywhere, Goran Bregovic's performance and many others, but it as my favourite one.

Local alcohol was great and like you wrote, i and friends drank too much, but it was the good moment to do it.

  The rooms were perfect, nothing to say about it, everything was clean, comfortable, people were welcoming and warm, the breakfast was really good, i am very satisfied and i hope that i will come back next year, i really had a great time in guca. I came back with a huge opinion of Serbian hosts, and your kindness is unforgettable. 

  I took a lot of photos of the festival, that i put on facebook, but Johnson and Vladimir can see them because they are already friends with me on facebook, i hope that you will like them.

 Thank you for the information of the Balkan festival in Brussel, i'll see if i can come, i hope so, and it's a good idea to do a guca reunion.

  Best regards,



hey yvonne,

miguel en ik vonden de camping fantastisch - fijne douches, prima verzorgde toiletten, mooie plekjes om te kamperen. en ondanks het lange wachten bij het verkeerde standbeeld, ben je ons als een engel komen halen. het festival was gestoord, maar super. rest ons niets dan jullie veel complimenten te geven!



Hi YvonneAll was great for us! We had a great time and the camp was perfect! we expected those plastic toilets and shared with lots of people, so it was very nice to find out that there were actually real WCs, showers and everything was clean and nice! The location was perfect, close to everything and a bit apart so it was as quite as it can be in Guca. The best of all: Johnson. He really took good care of us :) among other stuff he did, he help us figure out the bus tickets (what involved several trips to the bus station and waiting!) what we wouldnt be able to do ourselves (the train station woman did not want to help us unitl Johnson came along!). We have no complains! if next year you do it like this one... it will perfect! well, if anything, include the BBQ ;)Thanks Yvonne and Johnson!
All the best,
-Cristina Vega.


ciao yvonne
writing from my mobile in the kusturicacristiano
everything was good thanks. Johnson was very helpful and lepa was great. Thanks to boris the johnson contact my motorbike could be fixed easily and me and anna could travel to montenegro and back! So thanks for saving our holiday and making such a pleasent stay in gucahope to come back soon
all the best cristiano


Ha die Yvonne !!

Bedankt voor de fotos. Wij zijn net als jij ook weer heel thuis aangekomen maar messchien niet zo moe; wij waren al een beetje uitgerust.......

Het duurde wel een paar dagen eer dat die deuntjes uit mijn hoofd waren verdwenen, tenminste tot dat ik weer even naar het concert van marco op youtube keek, deed ik gelijk weer even gek, kon mijn vriendin opdat moment weinig met beginnen.

Mijn broer en ik vonden het gewoon een ongelooflijk te gek weekend maar dat had je messchien al gemerkt. En wat dat prive concert op de heuvel betreft,jammer maar ik geloof dat we best al tevreden waren en onze zakken goed vol hadden Wie weet wat de toekomst nog brengt!

Heel veel groetjes uit Leipzig

van John Vermast



 We are pretty sure that we want to come again...

Please send me an E.mail contact of Johnson Drobina, the travel leader in Guca. I lost his
card and we wanted to stay in contact with him.
He did a very good Job in Guca. Not an easy spot
to organize. I hope you can help!!
Thanx Nina


Hello Yvonne,

thank you for your care, this Guca was excellent!

 There are some our amateur photos, you can use them:

BR Oleg



I'm looking forward to see you again next year :)

PS I'll send you photos as soon as I take them from my friends


Peter Sarafov


Hi, Yvonne

 Sorry for this REALLY late response!

However, we enjoyed our stay in Guca alot, and will hopefully return one day.

The festival is one of our favorite travel memories, among hundreds from several journeys abroad!

The accommodation was great! Only 1 minute from the closest balkan brass band. Can't be more central I guess. The breakfast was great the first day, but every day it got less rich.  The last day we were only offered meat and bread. :) We've been through worse problems, but that is the only (perhaps negative) thing I can recall.

And the coffee at the bus station was really bad, but I guess it's not your fault :)

Kind and warm regards

Pontus & Madeleine


Hi Yvonne
We have been back in London for 2 weeks now and the very happy memories of our time in Serbia remain, I am sure life will not be the same again! 
I just wanted to write to belatedly thank you for all you did for us in arranging our stay in Guca and answering all of our (many) questions! You were totally fabulous and it was especially nice to get to meet you and celebrate your birthday with you! That was only the start of a truly amazing night!
I hope we get to meet again in Guca next year, and in the meantime, if I can do anything for you, for example act as a testimonial of your excellent service if any other people from the UK are unsure about sending the money etc, please let me know. 
Best wishes
Anouska x


Hallo Yvonne, I'm safely back home in Rome and I'm working on the photos. Thank you for giving us the opportunity (above all a roof!) of enjoying a unique event. I'm, not able to say in words the crazyness I was involved in, I think people should wxperience to understand. I will send you, if you're still interested in, some photos which you can use on the website. I hope they're good enough for you, we'll see.
Have a nice day


Dear Yvonne,I have had a very nice journey in Guca, my friend too.
The festival is very amazing, we haven't had any problem for parking, security, ecc..
The room was big and clean, the breakfast was good (maybe too much onion...) and Pavlina and her mother have been very kindly with us.
Best regards,

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